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Wednesday, April 18, 2012 at Chilton High School

First published on 04 April 2012 Posted in CHS News & Press Releases

For full details... see attached PDF.

Chilton High School will again conduct a special assessment this spring for 9th and 10th grade students during the morning on Wednesday, April 18, 2012. This means Junior and Senior students will not need to report to school on April 18 until 10:30 AM (see the schedule listed on the backside of this letter). As you can see, the activities planned for students on this day include:

  • EXPLORE / PLAN Assessments (9th and 10th Grade Students Only)
  • The Reality Store – An event sponsored by the Fox Valley Workforce Development Board  and local volunteers designed to give high school students a true-to-life experience of adult life as a contributing citizen in the workforce and community
  • MAP Reading Assessments (11th and Applicable 12th Grade Students Only)
  • Tiger Values Celebration – This will be an opportunity to say “Thank You!” to our students who have worked so hard to live the Tiger Knowledge, Enthusiasm & Compassion Values this year.

The EXPLORE (for 9th Grade Students) and PLAN (for 10th Grade Students) Assessments were developed by the American College Testing (ACT) organization. These assessments provide students, parents, and teachers with academic results in English, Reading, Mathematics and Science, as well as career and college readiness factors to complement our career pathway learning initiatives. The reports are “user friendly” and give a clear picture as to where each student’s academic strengths and areas of improvement lie in relation to his/her chosen career pathway. These assessments also provide students with practice and feedback in preparation for the 11th grade ACT assessment that many students will write for college entrance.

Again, students in grades 11 and 12 need not report to school on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 until 10:30 AM. Busses will run at the normal time on this day so if your Junior or Senior student needs transportation or if you would like your Junior or Senior student to come at the normal time, they are certainly welcome to report to their homeroom or the library.

If you have any questions, please contact the High School office.

Download this file (2012-Plan-Explore-Day.pdf)2012-Plan-Explore-Day.pdf12 kB

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Local Farmers Can Assist With America's Farmers Grow Rural Education Grant

First published on 28 March 2012 Posted in District News
The Chilton Public School District is applying for the America's Farmers Grow Rural Education Grant.   The grant proposal includes construction of an outdoor classroom at the school forest, clearing a gathering area within the forest, and two bridges to connect trails over the stream.  Grant proposals receive additional points for every nomination received.

The following information comes from

What is the America's Farmers Grow Rural Education Program?
America's Farmers Grow Rural Education is sponsored by the Monsanto Fund to help farmers positively impact their communities by supporting local school districts. Specifically, the program gives farmers the opportunity to nominate a public school district in their community to compete for a merit-based grant of either $10,000 or $25,000. The program is available in 1,245 counties in 39 states.

How does a farmer nominate a public school district?
The nomination process is simple. Eligible farmers can fill out a short nomination form at or by calling 1-877-267-3332. A printed copy of the entry form and rules are available on this website or by calling the number. Completed entries can be mailed to America's Farmers Grow Rural Education, 914 Spruce Street, St. Louis, MO 63102. The nomination period runs Jan. 6, 2012, through April 15, 2012.

Who can nominate a school district?
No purchase is necessary to nominate a school district, and the farmer does not have to be a Monsanto Company customer. Farmers must be 21 years or older and be actively engaged in farming with a minimum of 250 acres of corn, soybeans and/or cotton; and/or 40 acres of open field vegetables, or at least 10 acres of tomatoes, peppers and/or cucumbers grown in protected culture.

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Wisconsin Act 10 and Its Impact on Chilton Schools

First published on 23 March 2012 Posted in Business Office

Since the implementation of Act 10, we have had a number of people ask how this has affected the Chilton School District.  As you may recall, it was February, 2011 when Governor Walker presented his Budget Repair Bill that eventually became known as Act 10.  Act 10 requires all employees who participate in the State insurance plan to pay a minimum of 12% of the premiums.  All state and local government employees are required to pay 50% of the state imposed retirement rate.  Currently employees pay 5.9% of their gross wages toward their retirement and the district pays the same.  Act 10 also limits collective bargaining to base wages and they can only be increased to a maximum of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) annually.  Any increase to base wages beyond CPI requires going to referendum and getting the approval of the community.  It is these three parts of the Act 10 legislation that are considered the “tools” that assist schools in balancing their budgets.  Part of the reason for providing the “tools” is due to the decreased financial support by the State and the reductions to the Revenue Limit formula that caps the amount of State and Local tax that schools can receive. 


Chilton was able to negotiate a one-year extension to the collective bargaining agreement with our teacher’s union which will expire June 30, 2012.  In this agreement are the “tools” from the budget repair bill. 


Though we do not participate in the State insurance plan (we have been able to attain a better insurance plan at a lower premium), all employees now pay 12% of their insurance premiums.  Unlike some districts in the state, our employees were already paying a portion of premiums.  It is because we had both a lower premium rate and were already requiring some insurance premium deduction by employees that we did not see as significant a cost savings with this change, but a cost savings was realized.


The largest cost savings was attained with the requirement of all employees paying for 50% of the State imposed retirement rate.  Here too, it is important to point out that there were some employment classifications in Chilton that were already required to pay the employee portion of the retirement rate, but Chilton did see a large cost savings with this part of the legislation.


The last “tool”, collective bargaining for base wages, is the only part Chilton has yet to work with.  The staff had agreed to a 1.5% wage increase for the 2011-2012 year (recently released CPI is 1.64%) prior to Act 10.  The staff recently voluntarily agreed to a wage freeze for the 2012-2013 year (CPI is 3.16%).  The district has formed a Compensation Advisory Committee made up of both administrators and teachers with a goal of working collaboratively to present both the teacher’s union and the board of education with a comprehensive compensation plan.  It will be a few years before we really know the impact of how this part of the legislation has affected the Chilton district.


It is important to inform the public that Chilton has been and continues to be a very fiscally conservative district.  Even with the savings realized from minimal wage increases for our employees and the savings from increased insurance and retirement payments by employees, Chilton still needed to make cuts to our budget for the 2011-2012 year and project the need to make additional cuts in the future.  We are already considered a low spending district by the State (which means our shared educational costs are lower than the state’s minimum allowable amount).  In a comparison to other school districts, we have one of the lowest insurance premiums.  We had our employees sharing in the cost of insurance premiums prior to the implementation of Act 10.  It is because of all of these earlier financial decisions that Chilton did not realize as large a savings as you may have heard other districts declaring. 


Chilton is proud of its ability to provide this community and its students with an excellent educational experience on a fiscally tight budget.  We foresee State financial support continuing to decline; Chilton has gone from 78% State support in 2007 to 69% support in 2011 (5 years).  This means a tax shift to the local taxpayer, but we continue to work with neighboring districts for additional areas to cooperatively provide services and search for additional cost savings that can be attained.  Our mission continues to be “Preparing Students to Achieve Their Potential”.  Though we will continue to be challenged by budget constraints, we will do everything possible to minimize the budgetary impact on students and programs.

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Ticket Info for Thursday's D5 Boys Sectional Semi-Final

First published on 06 March 2012 Posted in CHS News & Press Releases
From the WIAA Tournament manual..."If the host school is not playing, the host school may retain 50 tickets to sell to their patrons".

The 50 tickets that Chilton High School are alloted have been sold as of Tuesday morning.  Fans that still want to pre-purchase a ticket could purchase one at either Hilbert High School or Sheboygan Area Lutheran High School. If the two schools do not sell their full allotment of tickets, we will begin selling any remaining tickets to the general public on Thursday at 6:00 pm. Doors to the gym open at 6:00 pm with tip-off at 7:00 pm.

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First published on 02 March 2012 Posted in CHS News & Press Releases
The boy's basketball game at Brillion tonight has been cancelled.  The WIAA Regional game will be played at Brillion on Saturday at 7:00 p.m.

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2012-13 CHS Class Registration Material

First published on 25 January 2009 Posted in CHS News & Press Releases

Registration of classes for the 2012-13 Chilton High School begins the week of February 27.  To help in the planning, the new CHS registration course description guide, the KSCADE course guide parent-student registration information and the  timeline are now available in PDF format.  For parents of 8th graders, please review the  slides from the Powerpoint orientation .  Along with the the  4-year plan worksheet, there are now grade-specific worksheets for all those presently in  8th grade 9th grade 10th grade , and  11th grade.

This information can also be found on the CHS Registration & Courses.

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2010-2011 Public School Health Insurance

First published on 26 January 2012 Posted in Business Office

The Wisconsin School Board Association (WASB) has released a document that is a compilation of the 2010-2011 health insurance information on 276 of the State’s 426 school districts.  This report included the monthly premium cost of both single and family coverage, the percentage that the board paid coverage and the cost to the district in dollars for coverage.  Based on the data released, the School District of Chilton continues to have one of the lowest insurance premiums within the state. Below is some of the data in the report.  I encourage you to go to the following website for the full report.

Monthly Premium Board Percentage Cost to District
School District Single Family Single Family Single Family
Abbotsford 862.29 1,897.00 59 54 506.9 1,015.44
Antigo 418.76 1,088.79 100 100 418.8 1,088.79
Brillion 491.53 1,303.60 95 95 466 1,237.85
Chilton 486.88 1,335.36 94 94 457.7 1,255.24
Deerfield Community 473.72 1,293.26 100 100 473.7 1,293.26
DeForest Area 560.27 1,271.81 100 90 560.3 1,144.63
Madison Metropolitan 437.99 1,169.46 100 100 438 1,169.46
Marshall 491.86 1,276.84 100 100 491.9 1,276.84
McFarland 498.05 1,294.93 90 90 448.3 1,165.44
Middleton-Cross Plains Area 445.01 1,112.52 100 100 445 1,112.52
Monona Grove 514.5 1,282.40 100 100 514.5 1,282.40
Mount Horeb Area 608.55 1,381.40 100 90 608.6 1,243.26
New Glarus 634.87 1,460.20 85 85 539.6 1,241.17
North Crawford 654.75 1,407.65 100 87 654.8 1,225.22
Oregon 537.22 1,208.74 90 90 483.5 1,087.86
Portage Community 588.78 1,354.19 99 93 584.4 1,255.61
Somerset 565.81 1,284.29 96 96 543.2 1,232.92
Stoughton Area 573.06 1,299.70 90 90 515.8 1,169.73
Sun Prairie Area 484.9 1,260.74 99 99 478.7 1,244.07
Superior 473.77 1,354.46 100 100 473.8 1,354.46
Verona Area 511.58 1,176.66 90 90 460.4 1,058.99
Waunakee 610.87 1,374.46 100 90 610.9 1,237.01
Wisconsin Heights 500.82 1,228.51 100 100 500.8 1,228.51

Highest 1,008.03 2,274.24 100 100 980 2,207.48
Lowest 418.76 1,088.79 59 54 418.8 1,015.44
Average 759.44 1,761.97 96 95 730.6 1,671.61
Count 276 276 276 276 276 276

Based on the information presented, Chilton had the:

  • 7th lowest single plan premium
  • 13th lowest family plan premium
  • 4th lowest single plan district cost
  • 18th lowest family plan district cost.

 Please feel free to contact Lisa M. Lau, Business Manager at 920-849-8109 ext. 4312 for additional information or questions.

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