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2015-08 Chilton School District Athletics – Preparing for 2015-16

First published on 11 June 2015 Posted in District News

By: Mr. Corey Behnke, Physical Education Teacher and Activities Director

Move to the Eastern Wisconsin Conference
Starting this Fall some old rivalries will be renewed as Chilton, Brillion, Roncalli, and Valders join the EWC (Eastern Wisconsin Conference) and its current members: Kiel, New Holstein, Sheboygan Falls, and Two Rivers. All sports, except for spring baseball, will be competing in this conference. Baseball will continue competing in the Olympian Conference as the EWC currently sponsors summer baseball instead of spring.

Summer Improvement Opportunities for Athletes
Even though spring sports and the school year is coming to an end, our student athletes are approaching, quite possibly, the most important two months of their 2015-16 school year. June and July are filled with opportunities for our athletes to help themselves improve, and set themselves up for success next year.

These opportunities are crucial to an athlete's and teams' success. While we respect our kids and their limited time to just "be a kid," summer improvement opportunities and season expectations should be considered. Time dedicated in the summer to improvement often leads to a greater desire and commitment during the season. Athletes who have dedicated some of their summer to improving themselves find that the in-season games tend to carry more value for them. Regular season goals and expectations are often times the motivating factor when an athlete chooses whether or not to attend the Bigger-Faster-Stronger Program (BFS), and whether or not to attend summer improvement opportunities. Summer improvement opportunities and in-season success go hand-in-hand.

"Natural talent only determines the limits of your athletic potential. It's dedication and disciplining your life that makes you great." – Billie Jean King

BFS (Bigger-Faster-Stronger)
BFS is the weightlifting program currently used by Chilton High School student-athletes. Schools our size rely on multi-sport athletes to field successful teams, and the BFS weightlifting program was chosen because it is designed to benefit ALL athletes, male/female, regardless of their chosen sport(s). Any student can, and is encouraged, to sign-up for BFS. They do NOT have to be involved in athletics.

BFS is run by Coach Mike Arendt, a nationally certified BFS instructor. He is assisted by various head and assistant coaches from our other sport programs. The program runs Mondays-Thursdays, from June 8 - July 30. Sessions last two hours, 8:00AM – 10:00AM & 10:00AM – 12:00PM in the Chilton High School Weight Room. The two hour sessions focus on injury prevention exercises, strength training, flexibility, speed & agility training, and conditioning.

It is strongly recommended to all of our student athletes that if they need to make a choice between attending BFS and attending a sport specific training session, that they attend BFS. The goal is to see all of the Chilton Athletic programs succeed, and conditioning, strength, speed, and agility training will benefit all athletes in all sports.

Summer Leagues
Some of our athletes participate in summer leagues, in which our teams play in a league against other teams. The teams that utilize a summer league benefit from having their athletes playing with one another and developing team chemistry that often carries over to the regular season.

Contact Days
The WIAA allows all athletic programs to have 5 contact days with their athletes during June and July. Contact days are essentially summer practices, where school coaches are allowed to coach the players. These days are quite often a coach's only opportunity to coach his/her players during the summer months.

Open Gyms
Outside of summer contact days, open gym opportunities are available to Chilton athletes, as well. Open gym times are scheduled in mornings, afternoons, and evenings throughout the summer to ensure that all athletes have a chance at summer improvement in their respective sports. Open gyms are communicated to the athletes by their coaches.

Best wishes to all Chilton athletes for a safe, eventful, and productive summer!