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2020-07-16 Education Committee Meeting

First published on 14 July 2020 Posted in Committee Agendas
School District of Chilton
Preparing students to achieve their potential is our highest priority.
530 W. Main Street
Chilton, WI 53014
Education Committee Meeting
Thursday, July 16, 2020 @ 2:15 p.m.
Community Room - High School Building
1. Call to order
2. Roll call of members
3. Verification of notice pursuant to s.19.84 (1)(3) Wis. Stats.
4. 4K
5. School Planning
6. Adjournment
Mrs. Donna Koenigs, Board Clerk
Chilton Public Schools
Upon request to the Superintendent, submitted twenty-four (24) hours in advance, the District shall make
reasonable accommodations including the provision of informational material in an alternative format for a
disabled person to be able to attend this meeting