Chilton, WI 53014
Summer Meals starting Monday, June 8th
Elementary School 11:00-12:30
Chilton Library 11:00-11:45
Harbor Rd. 11:00-11:30
Diane St./Ebenezer Church 12:00-12:30
Vogt Apartments 12:45-1:00
No meals on Fridays (double meals on Thursday)
and no meal service July 6th (7/4 Holiday)

Chilton School District FAQ Regarding COVID-19 Closure  Chilton High School Parent FAQ Document
Chilton Elementary
421 Court St  (920) 849-9388
CES Directory
Arendt, Mr. Michael4388ES/HS Physical EdE-mail
Bangart, Mrs. CindyES 4-K AideE-mail
Beauchamp, Mrs. AnneCustodialE-mail
Bechlem, Ms. SharonES AideE-Mail
Becker, Ms. Maxine2502ES SecretaryE-mail
Benzel, Ms. Wendy22231st GradeE-mail
Birschbach, Ms. JamieES SE AideE-mail
Brocker, Mrs. Tabetha2209School NurseE-mail
Brown, Mrs. Amy2224KindergartenE-mail
Brown, Mrs. Kelly22162nd gradeE-mail
Cripe, Mr. Sam22543rd GradeE-mail
Criter, Mr. DanielMaintenanceE-mail
Criter, Mrs. AudreyES Exceptional Ed AideE-mail
Deehr, Ms. Charlotte22122nd GradeE-mail
Dietzen, Mrs. GeralynES AideE-mail
Ditter, Miss MelissaES Exceptional Ed AideE-mail
Eberhardt, Mr. Matt4911District School Resource Officer
Fesing, Ms. BeverlyCustodialE-mail
Fochs, Ms. NatalieES/MS Nutrition
Geiser, Mrs. Gail2203ES Early ChildhoodE-mail
Geiser, Ms. Estela2049ELL AideE-mail
Haack, Mrs. Season22251st GradeE-mail
Hanna, Ms. JudyES/MS Nutrition
Hodorff, Ms. Ashley22454th GradeE-mail
Hoerth, Mrs. Michele2501ES SecretaryE-mail
Hoffman, Mrs. Jennifer22434th GradeE-mail
Jacobs, Mrs. Melissa2251ES ELLE-mail
Juhl, Mr. Aaron6152ES/MS MusicE-mail
Kaestner, Ms. Diane2205ES Physical TherapyE-mail
Kartheiser, Mrs. Ashley22444th GradeE-mail
Kaziak, Mrs. Beth22014 yr old KindergartenE-mail
Knaus, Mr. Steven22464th GradeE-mail
Knaus, Mrs. Cathi6136School PsychologistE-mail
Koenigs, Mrs. Candi2231Math InterventionE-mail
Kohlbeck, Mrs. Faye2235ES Title I, Reading RecoveryE-mail
Kolbe, Mr. Tim2210EBDE-mail
Kolbe, Mrs. CheriES 4-K AideE-mail
Kopf, Mr. Daniel4313Head Buildings and GroundsE-mail
Kopf, Mrs. LindaCustodialE-mail
Krusick, Mrs. Shannon2233ES Specific Learning DisabilityE-mail
Lemke, Mrs. Becky22454th GradeE-mail
Lisowe, Mrs. Amie2118SELE-mail
Lutzke, Mrs. Jennifer2211ES Emotional Behavior DisabilityE-Mail
Monroe, Mrs. LuAnnCustodialE-mail
Mueller, Mrs. Jill22483rd GradeE-mail
Neuber, Mrs. CindyES/MS Lead Cook
Pagel, Ms. AshleyES SE AideE-mail
Pendleton, Ms. Lynn4399Nutrition ManagerE-mail
Platner, Mrs. Carolyn22293rd GradeE-mail
Pleshek, Mrs. Annette22023/4 yr old KindergartenE-mail
Rieth, Miss AbigailES SE AideE-mail
Rieth, Mrs. LisaES Exceptional Ed AideE-mail
Rosenau, Mr. David2262ES Physical EdE-mail
Rutkowski, Ms. Angela2205ES Occupational TherapyE-mail
Salzsieder, Mrs. Sue6146ES/MS IMC SpecialistE-mail
Schaefer, Mrs. Jane2239ES Title IE-mail
Scharinger, Mrs. LisaES/MS Nutrition
Schoen, Ms. AnnES SE AideE-mail
Schuster, Mrs. Pamela2555ES PrincipalE-mail
Sippel, Ms. Abby2217ES SpeechE-mail
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