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Busing and Transportation

First published on 08 July 2008 Posted in Transportation

According to Section 121.54(2), Wisconsin Statutes, a pupil attending a public elementary or secondary school, including kindergarten, is entitled to transportation by the public school district in which the pupil resides if the pupil resides two or more miles from the nearest public school the pupil is entitled to attend. In addition, Section 121.54 (1), Wis. Stats., provides that districts are not required to transport pupils who reside in the same city as the school they attend unless the pick up point is deemed hazardous for stopping the bus or for foot traffic.

Chilton Public School District provides bus transportation for students meeting the state defined criteria for distance, city residence and unusually hazardous transportation areas. The bus schedule and route information is available by contacting Daun Bus Services at (920) 898-4207 after August 15th.

Students will ride only assigned school buses and will board and depart from the bus at assigned bus stops. Students will not be permitted to ride unassigned buses for any reason other than an emergency or prearranged change approved by the principal.

A change in a student's regular assigned bus stop may be granted for a special need, if a note from a parent is submitted to the building principal stating the reason for the request, the duration of the change, and the principal's approval.

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